Overtech Business purpose

1. Sports and exercising equipment business

Korea has been recognized for its strength in sports games and ranked among the top ten in various international games such as Olympic Games. It is also known for the high level of participation in daily exercise programs by the people, yet the level of sports industries is still extremely low.
In particular, there are a number of middle-aged and old people who suffer from knee pains due to diseases such as regressive spine disease and ruptured disks owing to insufficient exercise.
Accordingly, interest in and demand for exercise and health have consistently been increasing accordingly among the people. In particular, demand for exercise of consumers has also been increasing to drive well-being despite not being financially well-off.

Business purpose

Though there are a number of businesses in the fields of exercise products, it is hard to find leading companies in marketing, and even the marketing activities of these companies are considered to be very poor.
In particular, the world has few exercise products for reinforcing muscles and relaxing muscles after exercising.

▶ Necessity for exercising ↔ Spine, the centerline and pillar of human body

Assuming collapse of the pillar…

  • Upright walking : Spine disease
  • Poor posture : Disk rupture (herniation of intervertebral disc )
  • Cultivating experts in natural treatment and self-support therapy; rapid increase of spine disease patients in era of aging society, and due to accidents

▶ Mystic effects of exercise of correcting spine status, increase of blood circulation, and
     removing fats from the belly and the waist

  • Whole-body aerobic exercising for balanced figure
  • Highly effective for preventing geriatric diseases of people in their middle ages

▶ Increase of interests in exercising and health among people; whole-body flexible exercising
     equipment relaxing muscles after exercising

Health and exercising equipment

· New exercising equipment in the era of aging society
· Multi-purpose exercising equipment for muscle relaxing
· Typical aerobic exercising equipment

2. Machine vision, Semiconductor equipment business

Change of core manufacture equipment resulted from dramatic growth of IT industries. Developing core manufacture equipment to respond to such changes (in the areas of PDP, LCD and organic EL); Stable development and supply of core equipment in time.

▶ Production equipment in the digital display markets

▶ Securing advanced technologies for the digital display markets

▶ Currently, technology areas are kept formed in restricted fields

Maximizing synergy effects through mutual marketing, production and development among products

· PCB manufacture system

- Core automation system of production

- Vision inspection system

· Special raw materials

- Manufacture system

- Vision inspection system

· Display manufacture system

- PDP (Plazma display panel)

- LCD (Liquid crystal display)

- Organic EL (Organic Electro luminessence)

- Core automation system of production

- Vision inspection system