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Bodyreching Experince

  • Bodyreching Experince 1

    Bodyreching Experince 1

  • Bodyreching Experince 2

    Bodyreching Experince 2

  • Bodyreching Experince 3

    Bodyreching Experince 3

Function and Configuration

Overtech’s Bodyreching is ...

An exerciser assisting flexibility and relaxing muscle strength It can be used by men and women of all ages and designed for the aerobic exercise by the repeated exercise by moving waist, upper body and lower body regularly according to the motion of exerciser with lying on the back in comfort. Especially, it is a patented product which provides great effect in fatigue recovery as well as strengthening waist muscle power, spine correction and enterokinesia.

▶ Features of Bosyreching

1. Surfing waist bending, stretching & rotary motion / Transverse motion (Twist carp motion)

  • You can do exercise lying on the back/side/face and sitting down
  • Rotational radius adjustable
  • Rotation speed adjustable
  • Timer function
  • Transverse motion (Twist carp motion)
  • Full automatic or manual rotation function: Automatic or manual stop using button switch
  • Longitudinal motion
  • Available for both longitudinal and transverse (twist carp motion) motion
  • Forward and reverse motion according to motion orientation

2. Abdominal massaging (Function and price subject to model)

  • Stupe function : Boosts effect of abdominal massage
  • Infrared ray lamp therapeutic function
  • Massage tool’ in various functional material
    > Jade, red clay, ceramic, magnet, etc.

3. Lower body massage and knee-bending joint function

  • Increased massage effect from ankle to thigh
  • Knee-bending exercise
  • Massage bar height adjustable
  • Massage bar detachable
  • Rotation speed adjustable
  • Doing exercise lying on the back/side/face and sitting down
  • Leg, foot, toe massage motion available

4. Bodyreching Application Functions

  • Free stretch exercise using arm trainer
  • Free stretch using elastic wire arm(Arm muscle relaxing)
  • Maximize exercise effect in combination with waist exercise
  • Doing exercise lying on the back/side/face and sitting down
  • Available for various exercises according to body posture

▶ Bodyreching’s Appearance View & Components Name

OV-2000 ~ 5000’s Appearance View & Name

Bodyreching’s Appearance View & Components Name

OV-1000 / 1100 ’s Appearance View & Name

Bodyreching’s Appearance View & Components Name Bodyreching’s Appearance View & Components Name Bodyreching’s Appearance View & Components Name

Aging and Adult Disease-Preventive Exercise

To release the knotted muscle, pressed spine and joint, and to switch the circulation structure of blood for a while…
It is to stop the root cause of adult disease caused by the congestion for long hours.

Aging and Adult Disease-Preventive Exercise

Effect of Bodyreching Exercise

Effect of Bodyreching Exercise

Product Benefits


Miracle exercise effect of waist strengthening, spine correction, boosting blood circulation, intestinal enterokinesia, reducing fat on the belly and side and massaging lower body in comfort during exercis

  • Helps to prevent adult diseases in the elderly
  • Lessens tense, feels better and refreshed
  • For preliminary and finish exercise releasing relaxed or stiff muscles before/after exercise
  • Eases the body by relaxing muscles, muscular interaction and extending area of muscular action
  • Minimizes sprain or injury of muscle
  • Enhances exercise performance upon hard exercise
  • Helps for height growth of adolescent by keeping flexible and stimulating growth plate
  • Internal organs exercise effect in case of gastroenteric trouble coming from stress
  • Possible to remove fat, great effect of mental relax and maximizes many exercise effect w/o side effect
  • Various exercise effect including spine correction, fatigue recovery, obesity resolution, prevention of various diseases
  • Good posture correction effect by balanced proper exercise method of rising, pulling and relaxing for tall-plus
  • Burns the fat in internal organs, improve heart function, lessens blood pressure, as a result, helps to strengthen cardiovascular system
  • Women’s diet~!! Great effect for abdominal obesity, fat on the thighs and hip, abdominal pelvic organ prolapsed after childbirth and constipation
  • Diet and hip bounce by stimulating left side where colon descendens and removing extra flab on the side, as a result gives hip-up effect and resolves constipation and facilitates activities of colon in combination with pelvic exercise
  • Improves spine flexibility, corrects posture and helps for fatigue recovery after sleeping with a back bent
  • Corrects posture and increases flexibility of hip joint if pelvic position is imbalanced
  • Strengthens lower body through front & back, left & right exercise, prevents gastroenteroptosis and mitigates underlying edema
  • Stimulates abdominal organs, helps to remove intestinal gas and helps for anemia due to better blood circulation


Database setup marketing by analyzing and measuring the demand of exercisers assisting in health promotion and therapeutic effect of functional exercisers in demand analysis on the entire exerciser market

  • Health club (Sports center)
  • Public bath and sauna
  • Sanatorium(Rehabilitation center)
  • Beauty salon
  • Social club
  • Workplace(Company, office)
  • Social club (Dance, stretching, etc.)
  • Institutions(Public authority, school, welfare facilities)
  • Club(Club, senior-citizens center, sports club, religious community, etc.)
  • Private consumers (Upper-middle class or above, those who need the exerciser due to physical handicap, professionals(in sports area)